Income Tax Preparation

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Income Tax Return Preparation


Whether you are preparing your individual personal income tax or if you are a small business, completing the tax return yourself can be a serious burden and put you at risk for missed deductions and tax credits. I offer personal individual tax returns (1040s) corporate tax returns (1120s), partnership returns (1065s) and LLC's tax preparation.


I have the experienced that you need and I am committed to reducing your overall tax liability and maximizing your legal tax deductions. Even the most popular tax software on the market can't compare to having an experienced tax professional completing your tax return.  With the ever-changing tax laws, working with a professional ensures that you're maximizing your tax refund and minimizing taxes paid.


  • An experienced tax professional to prepare your tax return
  • Review of previous tax returns
  • Electronic filing (E-file) of your return
  • Free State and City return completed (w/Federal return)
  • Recommendations on how to reduce your tax liabilities
  • Performance Guarantee

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by the Internal Revenue Service.”

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